Web Components: The Hottest Topic at Web App Conferences

Recently, I’ve noticed that Web Components has become the subject of many speaking sessions at IT and developer events – most notably InfoShare 2014 and Front Trends 2014. What was once a trend discussed in just a few online forums is now becoming part of every technology event!

Last week at InfoShare 2014, I presented a session about Web Components and Polymer to a room of nearly 500 people. It was a privilege to speak at one of the biggest IT and New Media conferences in the region (3500 attendees this year), especially about such an up-and-coming trend.  This marked the third time Web Components was discussed publicly in Gdańsk; with the population of about 1 million people, this makes my city perhaps one of the best educated places on earth about the future of web development.

foto. Tomek Kaminski_Info Share 2014_1 dzień a_min_270

Photo Credit: Tomek Kamiński

Earlier in May, I attended the Front Trends 2014 conference in Warsaw, where Web Components was also on the agenda. Zeno Rocha, a talented developer, presented Web Components to more than 500 hardcore front-end developers from a dozen different countries. With a bold sense of humor, perfectly designed slides, and a deep knowledge to support it, Zeno made no doubt that Web Components is the technology they all will be using in the not-too-distant future. Nikos Zinas, another experienced front-end developer, also presented a talk about Web Components. Nikos took a different, more systematic approach and presented with focus on the specifications instead of the tooling.


Left to right: Starcounter’s Tomek Wytrębowicz, Zeno Rocha and the author of this post (Marcin Warpechowski)

Next month, all eyes will turn to Google I/O 2014 in San Francisco, the annual developer conference where Google communicates its latest technical achievements and future plans. This year, at least three talks will be directly devoted to Web Components and many more will mention it.

We can also expect talks about Web Components on other conferences around the world, such as LXJS 2014 in Lisbon and likely even more in the fall.

It is hard not to notice that Google is the driver in the high-tech bus driving to the future of app development. Because the open web standards are so inviting, many people are jumping onboard and enjoying the ride.

At Starcounter we are following this technology very carefully with big expectations. We love to hang out with fellow developers who are interested in Web Components. What conference(s) are you going to attend? Share your plans and maybe we will meet!

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