Web Components: My Hot Topic at tech.3camp

Last week, I was invited to speak about Web Components at tech.3camp in Gdańsk, Poland. To my knowledge, it was the first presentation about Web Components in Poland!

The reaction of 160 people in the audience gave the feeling that Web Components will definitely have an impact to tackle problems faced by many modern web developers.

The audience showed great interest in my presentation of Shadow DOM encapsulation as demonstrated by Polymer Sandbox. It was great to hear the audience cheer at fun examples of Custom Elements that was shown from my laptop’s webcam and controlled the animation flow of an animated GIF.

After the 20-minute talk, I had a chance to answer the audience questions, which included:

  • How does Shadow DOM deal with CSS scoping?
  • How do the events bubble up from Shadow DOM?
  • Is it possible to fire an event on a Shadow DOM element from the outside?
  • What is the browser compatibility of Web Components?

By the quality of these questions, it proved to me that Web Components are easily comprehensible by people who already understand current web technologies. I was able to answer them briefly after my talk, but they all deserve a separate blog post to elaborate on each question. So please stay tuned and follow this blog for future updates!

For those who understand Polish, you can check out the video on Vimeo and see the slides in HTML5 (use Chrome Canary) or on Slideshare.

I will also be presenting on this topic at the meet.js Summit in Gdańsk on April 28th. The topic will be titled, “Polymer – your next web framework.” For this discussion, I plan to continue on my previous topic.

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