The Open App Economy

The business application world of today is dominated by a few giants. If you want to take your application to market, you will most likely have to do it by building plugins for the giants and sell them through their app stores. But this leaves you exposed to the whims of huge closed platform corporations. And you can never be sure if your app will have a place on the platform next year.

The most successful companies manage to create open platforms that other firms can build on — instead of relying solely on in-house talent, you can draw on the entrepreneurial energy of thousands and potentially millions of people. Without the limitation of having to adapt to someone else’s platform.

Your own (open) platform

Developing your own open platform has many benefits. The most obvious being the possibility of drawing on other companies’ ideas as well as sharing your own (and getting paid). There’s more to it, however. Building an enterprise system is no small undertaking and the shorter time to market, the better for you. In an open app economy you don’t have to be part of the ecosystem of some global CRM-giant. But you don’t have to build the entire business application yourself either. You have your own ecosystem, which in turn is compatible with other ecosystems.

The notion of the open platform is a strategic one. Being able to build your own system faster and selling applications as they are finished are obvious advantages, but more important is the ability to quickly add functionality according to your customers needs. The possibility of your customer using your applications and combining them with others seamlessly has the potential of fostering high loyalty as well as satisfaction among your customers.

Getting the muscle to challenge

As a Best-of-breed vendor you most likely have an innovative edge due to focus and domain knowledge. But you cannot tick as many boxes as the giant players with their closed ecosystem of piggy-backers.

Buyers shun complex, expensive, lengthy and risky integration projects. The major software players of today won’t likely lose sleep over one single app, no matter how elegant, intuitive, and powerful it may be. That’s because a single app can never replace the full functionality of their products. In an open app economy it’s possible even for a smaller independent software vendor to challenge the global players. This is doable through a faster development process and with seamless integration enabled by AI with apps from other developers (on your platform) resulting in a more complete as well as easier and faster to adapt to the user’s needs offer at a lower cost to you.

To the benefit of both you as an independent software vendor and the many companies, large and small, in need of modern digital business tools.

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