The Collective App Economy

When multiple small tools band together, they can upend the status quo. This is today’s new collective app economy. In order for an app to gain traction in the enterprise, it needs the help of a whole host of complementary apps.


The Best-of-breed vendors often have an innovative edge due to their focus and domain knowledge…

…but they cannot tick as many boxes as can the big vendors together with their ecosystem of piggy-backers

…and buyers shun complex, expensive, lengthy and risky integration projects

The incumbent software players won’t likely lose sleep over one single app, no matter how elegant, intuitive, and powerful it may be. That’s because a single cloud app can never replace the full functionality of their products.

An Email Marketing-program cannot replace a major CRM-solution, but in conjunction with customer service, loyalty and Social Marketing apps, we are suddenly looking at a sophisticated solution that can hold its own against the larger players.

While these new apps are promising, there are two conditions that are critical to get any significant traction in market share at this level.

  • It must by possible to run multiple independent business apps by different vendors side by side in a modern web user interface. Together they create your virtual business solution.
  • The business apps needs to operate on the same set of data without knowing about each other.

The fact that new technology now are solving, if not all, so at least vital parts of the ”shared data in a shared screen”-problems will change the world for enterprise software vendors and enterprises.

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