TechDay – don’t miss it when it returns

Wednesday, December 14th 2016 was a little bit of a historical day for us here at Starcounter. Maybe not one of the major events in our history so far, but important none the less. We hosted our first ever Tech Day, a full day of talks on working with the Starcounter platform, for and by ourselves and our customers.

It all took place in Stockholm, at Skridskopaviljongen on the small island Kastellholmen. The event was very well attended. On average, we had about 50 developers in the room and most stayed for the whole event.

dan_martinWe divided the event into two tracks, the Starcounter track and the customer track.

The day started off with a presentation Starcounter.Core (3.0) pre-demo on .NET Core on Linux. The next talk was also on the Starcounter track. In broad strokes it painted an image of how we use artificial intelligence to allow apps built on the Starcounter platform to cooperate seamlessly, among other things.

Developer evangelist Erlend Landrö, mingling during lunch

Most exciting for us here at Starcounter was the customer track with several presentations of the work that’s being done on our platform with customers’ applications. The customers were ranging from fully launched to in the middle of their development process.

The topics of the talks ranged from an overview of how Starcounter incorporates AI, what news will come with the next release (and what it means) all the way to customer cases (both business related and technical, but mostly the latter of course). There was a talk on WYSIWYG editing and seamless integration of apps, and much, much more.

Starcounter founder Joachim Wester

Tech Day was a definite success. The overall mood during and after the event was extremely positive. Everyone was happy about the knowledge shared (in all directions) and excited about the information on the next Starcounter release.

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