On the business side of innovation

We want our customers to build great platforms. Platforms that disrupt their industries and maybe even create entirely new ones. Providing tools and opportunities for this, technological and otherwise, is what we do.

In the past we’ve held different kinds of meetups for developers, both our customers’ and our own to exchange knowledge, news and solutions. Those gatherings have often been very technical in nature. About a month ago, we decided it was time for a more business oriented gathering. We booked a venue and sent out invitations to CEO:s, Founders and other key people at our customer companies.

We wanted to create an atmosphere that inspired new ideas and encouraged cooperation, so we made it a dinner, in the great venue at Strandvägen 7A. It was more of a social gathering than a meeting, but with a business theme. We did have an ace in the hole, a speaker with a truly inspiring story from real life. Mikael Runhem shared his experiences on making room for innovation, community management (has anybody earned the title EMVP?) and more during his time as a founder of EPiServer. It was a talk that really set the tone of the evening, a story about actually changing the world with unorthodox methods.

After that talk, the conversation during and after dinner could be nothing less than intense. A lot of ideas and seeds for great things were floating around. Possibly even a couple of budding partnerships.

Not only do we want our customers to build great platforms. We want them to have their own ecosystems, that can be combined (seamlessly) with each other. This dinner was our way of showing our appreciation for the innovations of our customers and we hope we contributed to even more innovations and unexpected combinations in the future.

To those who were there; thank you for contributing to a successful evening. To everyone else; we hope to invite you in the future!

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