New technology is here to enable the next generation of business applications

Technology comes before revolution. Always. And while not always obvious when first introduced, the importance of truly novel technology is not something reserved for tech geeks; in fact, it is and has always been vital for the evolution of the human race. 

The new generation of application platforms has transformed not only the database industry but also forever the enterprise software industry, by combining a in-memory database engine, data processing and application server in a single server. Delivering the capabiltys of a huge datacenter in that single server.

The speed, radical efficiency improvements, low cost and openness are features that will create wide adoptions. They solve the need for small moduls/ applications to share data in a shared screen.

Imagine what you could do and achieve if you had an environment that:

  • Has completely componentized code
  • Has eliminated the problems with internal integration between components
  • Has data integrity with full ACID built in
  • Handles several million transactions per second on a standard server.
  • Uses web components for GUI

The technology needed to create this environment is here now. Not only Starcounter, this days there are more initiatives like SAP HANA with the S/4HANA launch, ”the most important launch since R3”.

Technology in the right direction but limited to the SAP world, a world that will disappear when the appification volcanic eruption have changed the conditions.


While the enterprise software landscape has been historically slow to changed over the past 15 years, we should expect a big shift on the horizon. The new software landscape will be simultaneously fragmented and connected, with increased collaboration from many small vendors.

It is time for the emerging apps to band together to provide businesses with the freedom to use the best tools to meet all of their goals, instead of being locked into a single vendor that is a jack of all trades, but master of none.

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