Like Lego bricks

Many enterprise systems are monolithic giants, i.e. one big application possibly with a (bigger or lesser) number of plugins to increase functionality. This means that classical enterprise systems have a complex structure with different parts being tightly incorporated into each other.

Complex and monolithic structures severely increases development time and makes it so much harder to update a system, as well as add functionality.

Developers may spend half their time trying to locate the exact right spot for the new app in the platform.

Modular development has been around for a long, long time. As a concept, it is very smart and promises great efficiency and flexibility. When building an enterprise system, it’s only natural and logical to build it in modules that can be changed or replaced independently. With the Starcounter platform you can create micro-applications (modules) that integrate seamlessly into a full enterprise system. Developers don’t have to dedicate endless hours of coding into integrating different parts of the system. This makes modular development not only smarter, but also significantly faster.

Imagine building blocks or Lego bits, fitting together, and you have a visualization of a modular product.

Benefits with developing modularly:

  1. Shorter development cycles

A module is smaller than a full application. This means the development cycles are shorter, which in turn means more frequent but smaller deliveries. Which makes for less time wasted and a higher level of motivation among developers.

  1. Increased flexibility

Add a module or remove a module. Tailoring the system with added modules or removed, unused modules is a breeze. This means that when the customer asks for specific functionality, you can deliver.

  1. Improved maintainability

Increased flexibility is nice. What’s even nicer is that finding and removing modules with bugs is easier than searching through an entire system for a problem. It’s also very much faster replacing a module with a new one. Which makes updates easier and more effective.

There are many more reasons for building systems modularly, especially if you’re using Starcounter technology. We will get back to the topic in the future.

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