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Starcounter offers a special early bird sponsorship program for software companies that become Starcounter partners. The purpose of the program is to support early stage development on the Starcounter platform. We will invest in our common success, helping us transform the world by helping you.


*A partner program membership is subject to approval. Your application will be sent to our team for evaluation and we will contact you shortly after.

Disrupting a trillion dollar industry

We are supporting a new breed of ERP, line-of-business (LOB) software, telecom, online applications and game development vendors to beat their rivals.

Technology comes before revolution. Now the technology is here that shrinks the needed scope of a single business app to such a degree that new software companies and the 20 million talents will be able to claim their piece of the 1000 billion dollar pie.


You can find tutorials, information and release notes in our Developer Center –

Developer Center

Now is the time to band together

The enterprise software landscape is changing dramatically. The new software landscape will be simultaneously fragmented and connected, with new business models created by collaboration among many small vendors.

It is time for vendors and talents to band together in order to provide businesses with the freedom to use the best software tools to meet their goals.

The Partner Program includes

  • Unlimited use of the Starcounter technology embedded with your software
  • A library of prebuilt applications
  • Full access to our App Hub where you can build and share apps and code with other partners
  • Early access to new versions
  • Possibilities to get parts of your app development sponsored by Starcounter
  • Possibilities to monetize on apps and components that you want to share/sell to other Starcounter partners.

Business Model

It’s free to participate in the partnership when your application is approved.

For start ups: Your success is our common goal. When you have a turnover above 1 000 000 USD, we believe it’s reasonable that we share a piece of that success. The piece is defined as 3% of your turnover that is above 1 000 000 USD.

If you already are an established software company with an existing revenue stream and customers – apply and we set up a meeting to find the best way to band together.

Development support

  • Be part of our development board and business development process
  • Tutorials, patches, and Q&A
  • Software support
  • Software development
  • Education

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