Develop for the right market

Choosing the right game to play is no simple thing, and most of us are affected by trends and what is talked about in the media.

Many focus on consumer applications, especially mobile apps, partly because it’s top-of-mind with apps like Spotify, Trello, Angry Birds, Pokémon Go and others. Another reason is, of course, that until recently small development companies and micro-ISVs haven’t had the resources needed to put in years of developing a business software system, before they can take their product to market. That’s changing, in a big way.

The real game to play is enterprise software. It’s not only important for our global society to function, it’s also a trillion dollar business in dire need of innovation.

The best platforms for developing a fast and effective system require less code and less hardware. The road to a minimum viable product is very much shorter now than it was just a couple of years ago. You can build your system, app by app, and never worry about integration or glue code. That’s what we built Starcounter for.

The global giants are slow

With a few exceptions, the global giants in the enterprise software business have their platforms in place and are happy with that. Innovation often comes from the smaller players producing new functionality in the form of plugins. But the global giants control the platform, so they decide what can and can’t happen with the plugins.

As an independent software vendor, you have the opportunity to build new functionality before the giants have even decided they need it. This is a huge competitive edge.

True innovation

We live in a fast-paced world. The software inventions of yesterday aren’t enough to cover all the needs of the market. Reinventing pre-existing business systems and building entirely new ones is the niche that’s waiting for you. Leverage the flexibility of an ISV to disrupt your market entirely. Heads have done it for retail, AdFenix have done it for real estate ads in social media and Mopedo will do it for programmatic marketing. There are more examples, but theres room for you too. You can create the room yourself.

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