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Our customers are using our new breed of in-memory technology to develop superfast software applications that are easy to combine and update. This allows them to expand both their own and their customers business with minimal costs and in a short timeframe.


“Mopedo provides a unique disruptive technology for programmatic marketing, allowing businesses a 1:1 communication with their customers.

We supply advertisers with their own DSP, coupled with our unique user-matching, enabling them to influence their customers in real-time.”

– Stefan Persson, CEO & Partner

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Minimum Viable Product – What it is and how to make it work for you

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Modular Management

“We’ve always had a unique way of thinking, but perhaps it hasn’t been matched by the execution. Now we are first with a product that puts execution at the highest level. We’ve discovered something nobody else has done.”

– Jakob Åsell, Principal & Partner

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“With Starcounter as the platform I can feel confident and make promises I know I can keep right of the bat during a customer meeting. I know that it will take me only a couple of hours to tweak the system to perfection for the customer. For me that is a key success factor.”

– André Hegge, Co-founder & CEO

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“Heads Retail easily manages volumes and complexity other systems don´t even come close to. We now have a complete system, built with Starcounter, covering all the needs of the modern retailer.”

– Björn Mattsson, CEO

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“Our platform takes organizations from Group Inefficiency to Collective Intelligence. With Starcounter technology we have made several well-known methods and tools agile and digital in one single platform. It allows us to concentrate on building next-generation business applications without glue code, complex architecture and expensive infrastructure.”

– Carl-Johan Runer, CEO

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”We wanted to build the best Ad tech system, therefore we needed real time processing of large volumes, we searched and found Starcounter”

– Henrik Lohk, COO, CSO

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