Customer Case: Modular Management

Modular Management makes the impossible possible. In the 1990’s, the founders of the Modular Management were researching several multinational companies to find out why some companies were considerable more profitable than others while when they were offering similar products on the same market. The reason was assigned to a well-defined product architecture.

”Our mission is to use modular product architectures to help our customers achieve high productivity and superior products and services while increasing their market share – all at the same time.” – Jakob Åsell, Principal and Partner.

Modular Management has developed a software system called PALMA™ that supports all its methods. However, early on in the development of PALMA™ performance was a major issue. With a vast number of information types with interrelationships and a complete version history, the amount of data and the time to process quires was far from acceptable. Modular Management had to prioritize and opt out of certain data in order to deliver adequate performance. In fact, they always have to make a judgment call for each and every case of, for an example, how much history to store. More history means better and more accurate analytics and data exchange to other systems the customer might have. As there is an increasing need for real-time data and analytics and a complete version history for system integration, Modular Management started looking for an alternative technology in order to being able to scale for the future.

“After coming across Starcounter we realized that this is what we have been looking for. Starcounter’s platform will help provide the performance we earlier just could dream about, it is also efficient to work with and cost effective. With Starcounter we no longer need to choose what data to include but can now have a complete set of information to build our application on. We can have a super-fast system, where the applications integrate and communicate with each other, we can get real-time data, and we no longer have to compromise on the data. We are very excited about the opportunities that will now be available for the analytics and system intergations, and how this will help our customers’ business.” – Jakob Åsell, Principal and Partner


Read the full case on our customer page Modular Management

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