Problem solving is the key

You have an idea for a product. You build it. It's absolutely great, and it works flawlessly. But, the customers aren't pouring in. There is a widespread notion that "if you build it, they will come". 'They' in this case being the users/customers. To a certain extent it's true. If your product is good it's possible

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AI and real-time data

Artificial intelligence is a somewhat trendy topic. At Starcounter, we've researched and worked with AI for a long time. Just recently our COO, Stefan Edqvist wrote an article about AI and business intelligence. It was published at IT Briefcase and is an interesting read. Hint: it's all about real time data analysis. And for that you

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The RESTful web

I like the philosophy of the REST style, but I also have a major beef with it. Before getting in to that, let’s first define what REST is. Right now, there are two flavors of REST. One is the real one, as described by Dr. Fielding in his dissertation. The other one is what is

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The New Browser

The web browser is taking a giant leap forward. The average user has yet to see the difference it will bring, but on every smartphone and desktop, there is a roaring tiger waiting to come out of its cage. The most important change is that the biggest player, Microsoft, had to change its stance.

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The Real Time Web

The countdown has begun for the real time web. The technology is out on iPhones, Androids and desktop users having Firefox or Google Chrome. Now we are holding our breaths for Internet Explorer 10, the final piece of the puzzle. What I’m talking about, of course, is WebSockets.

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