What’s your role in the ecosystem?

Ecosystem business models have the potential to generate and deliver much greater value than traditional business models. It’s not a question of whether companies will make the shift anymore. The question now is about the role they will play. We've written about building platforms and how platform companies are more likely to succeed. However, there

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The digital platform trend

We've previously written about the importance of building your own platform, or at least be part of an open one. The most disruptive and successful companies around are their own platforms. Apple with iOS and AppStore, Air B'n'B, über, Lyft, Facebook and Google are just a few of the dominating software platforms of today. In

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Two cloud application trends

Trying to predict the future is always risky business. Necessary but risky. Predictions can be off by just a little, completely off base or bang on target. Depending on which, companies can find themselves in a make or break situation. In the cloud application market it seems, mostly a 'make' type of situation. According to

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Be your own platform

Think about the major enterprise software systems around today. Several of them have their own very specific and closed platforms. They set their own rules, and have a very strong impact on the revenue stream for you the innovator, the independent software vendor. The business application world of today is dominated by a few giants.

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The realtime CRM

Today’s solutions for keeping track of customers and potential customers are basically the same as twenty years ago. They are grouped under the name CRM, Customer Relations Management systems. However, these systems may soon be facing their dinosaur asteroid. The main reason for their risk of extinction is the fact that these systems were not

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IoT and the future

The internet of things (IoT) has been coming for a long time. According to Gartner there will be 8.4 billion connected devices in 2017. More than 3 billion of those devices will be of a non-consumer variety, like industry or infrastructure amounting to almost a trillion $ in spending. By 2020 Gartner estimates that will

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Stay ahead of the competition – innovate

A lot of companies have just the staff necessary to take care of the day to day tasks and problems. It's only natural considering the shortage of developers and the need to keep costs down. To innovate, it's necessary to have resources dedicated solely to develop new features and products. Resources that are not held

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Innovation success factors

The rewards of creating high tech products can be great, both in terms of revenue and in affecting peoples lives. Just think about all the different types of software you use on any given day. All those applications have an impact on your life, at the workplace and at home. Building great products is what

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Innovate – it’s necessary

There are things well established and successfull companies can learn from startups. Innovation for one. Being innovative isn't magic, it's about creating teams and giving them the right set of tools. Innovation is the main factor that makes any company not only survive but thrive. It's innovation that's taken Apple to where it is now.

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