AI will be the user interface

At the heart of every complex software system is the user interface (UI). Enabling the users to accomplish whatever task they set out to do is the goal of any piece of software. Following the trends in the UI field is of great importance. So, what has happened to the user interface and what will

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AI themed article tips

A few technologies have the potential to transform the way we live, move and work. Maybe that is why Artificial Intelligence is only growing bigger and bigger and completely changing the digital landscape of the future. But it remains to be seen is if AI will make all our dreams come true or "cause the apocalypse"

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AI and real-time data

Artificial intelligence is a somewhat trendy topic. At Starcounter, we've researched and worked with AI for a long time. Just recently our COO, Stefan Edqvist wrote an article about AI and business intelligence. It was published at IT Briefcase and is an interesting read. Hint: it's all about real time data analysis. And for that you

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