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For the really big and the really small.

Big and small circles.
Our products enable a wide range of possibilities. Big or small, local or global - Starcounter is created for anyone looking to build high performing applications in simpler, smarter ways.
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Heads case
Heads CEO
Heads Logo

“Heads Retail easily manages volumes and complexity that other systems don’t even come close to. We now have a complete system, built with Starcounter, covering all the needs of the modern retailer.”

Henrik Larsson, CEO at Heads Retail.

Gekås logo

Get an inside look into how Starcounter Technology is powering one of Europe’s largest department stores and providing unparalleled speed, flexibillity and simplicity.

Product Architecture

Modular Management case
Modular Management Jakob Åsell. Principal Partner.
Modular Management Logo

“We’ve always had a unique way of thinking, but perhaps it hasn’t been matched in execution. Now, we are first with a product that puts execution at the highest level. We’ve discovered something nobody else has done.”

Jakob Åsell, Principal & Partner at Modular Management

See how Modular Management uses Starcounter technology to deliver best in class product architecture solutions for companies like Whirlpool, Dellner, Peab, Alfa Laval, Bosch and Husqvarna.