B2B social media marketing tips

A way to build personal relations with your target audience in social media is to find out more about their interests and needs. In that way, you can provide a value for you target audience and write about things that matters to them. Here are some useful articles on how to use social media as a marketing tool for B2B companies!

It’s important not only to focus on the brand but the people who work behind it, to provide a value for your target audience. This article provides some useful ideas on how to use social media as a B2B marketing tool. http://repcapitalmedia.com/social-media-marketing-for-b2b-software-and-technology-companies-2/

A relevant blog article should focus on the reader, it should be relevant and educate your audience (not sell) and talk about the solutions to the buyer’s problem. To learn more about this read this article about social media content marketing!


LinkedIn is one of the most powerful marketing tools right now and if you learn how to use it the right way for your market it’s can be very effective. To read more about this click here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/anfernee-chansamooth/why-linkedin-is-the-most-_b_5706017.html

For research and accumulation of data, social media tools are very useful. Therefore, it’s essential for B2B companies to understand how their social media marketing efforts has a big impact on leads, revenue and conversations. This article points out the importance of this.


If you have any questions or want to learn more about this, don’t hesitate to ask! You can easily find us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We hope that you have found these articles educational and helpful!

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