About Saga Bengtsson

Saga is a new member of Starcounter’s marketing team and she is specialized in identifying our ”targets” and establish digital relationships. She recently graduated from Umeå University, with a bachelor degree in Media and Communications with combining Psychology studies. With this knowledge she wants to be a part of the growing software industry and all the possibilities that comes with working at Starcounter.

AI themed article tips

A few technologies have the potential to transform the way we live, move and work. Maybe that is why Artificial Intelligence is only growing bigger and bigger and completely changing the digital landscape of the future. But it remains to be seen is if AI will make all our dreams come true or "cause the apocalypse"

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B2B social media marketing tips

A way to build personal relations with your target audience in social media is to find out more about their interests and needs. In that way, you can provide a value for you target audience and write about things that matters to them. Here are some useful articles on how to use social media as

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