AI themed article tips

A few technologies have the potential to transform the way we live, move and work. Maybe that is why Artificial Intelligence is only growing bigger and bigger and completely changing the digital landscape of the future. But it remains to be seen is if AI will make all our dreams come true or “cause the apocalypse” (the truth is probably somewhere inbetween). Here are some useful articles on the topic about trends, benefits and risks with AI.

Computers and robots are replacing people everywhere and the general question is; how can algorithms replace humans in repetitive professions? And can robots work as journalists? Find out more about this here:

Keep an eye on these 10 AI market trends for 2017 to see the commercial opportunity for AI. You can read about this here:

There are many benefits with AI, but are there any risks? And what should you think about when it comes to safety? This article mentions both the benefits and risks with Artificial Intelligence.

And, last but not least, our own COO at Starcounter, Stefan Edqvist, was quoted (among others) in this very interesting article on the impact of AI over the next 20 years. You will find the article here:

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