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The Ongoing Revolution in Technology

By | October 27th, 2016|Starcounter|

Through its history, AI has gone through different periods of development and social acceptance. For the last 5 decades, it has seen periods of research stagnation, as well as periods of loss of interest. Highlights in breakthrough was the amounting interest in expert systems during the 80s, the chess-winning supercomputer Deep Blue from IBM in 1997, and intelligent agents and knowledge-based systems from the last decade.

Top 5 Factors That Impact Your Software Performance

By | October 20th, 2016|Starcounter|

What are the main factors that can negatively impact your software performance? What should you be looking out for? Learning where software is failing helps businesses identify the bottleneck.

In-memory Computing and Its Impact on Software Performance

By | October 13th, 2016|Starcounter|

The evolution of hardware has been a steady pace of decreasing size and reducing the distance for signaling. In doing so, it has constantly given us higher performance. When you look at software, the basic principles have remained the same for decades, however, as with everything else, the software industry is making improvements.

The cost of building and running software

By | September 6th, 2016|Database, Starcounter|

As an ISV there are several options when it comes to choice of platform. The developers need to be in favor of the choice or you will get into trouble

Interview with Virtual-Strategy Magazine

By | July 7th, 2016|Media|

A few weeks ago our CEO Kristoffer Lundegren did an interview for Virtual-Strategy Magazine. This interview can be found on Virtual-Strategy Magazine (link below) Interview with Kristoffer Lundegren, CEO of

Customer Case: Modular Management

By | June 17th, 2016|Starcounter|

Modular Management makes the impossible possible. In the 1990’s, the founders of the Modular Management were researching several multinational companies to find out why some companies were considerable more profitable than others while when they were offering similar products on the same market. The reason was assigned to a well-defined product architecture.

CodeNight #5: Framework

By | June 11th, 2016|Events, Starcounter|

IDG held their reoccurring experience sharing event, Code Night. This time on the theme "Framework" and speakers were introducing frameworks to develop full-stack-applications. The products in presentation ranged from

The real-time struggles with Internet of Things

By | June 7th, 2016|Starcounter|

The dreams and promises of IoT are many, the predictions of a shining future. There is an underlying expectation that IoT will change the way we use and behave on the internet since it’s predicted to connect 10 times as many “things” to the Internet by 2020[1]. Everything from bracelets, to cars and smart homes, and blurred will be the lines between hardware, software, and mobile.  

Less is More

By | May 19th, 2016|Starcounter|

Customers demand on systems are rapidly changing, and we are quickly moving towards intelligent systems. With the increasing demands, intelligent systems handles input from a wide array of sources, and feeding a rapidly growing amount of end user devices.

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