The Collective App Economy

When multiple small tools band together, they can upend the status quo. This is today’s new collective app economy. In order for an app to gain traction in the enterprise, it needs the help of a whole host of complementary apps.

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It’s Time to Collapse the Stack, Pt. III

In the previous part of our Collapse the Stack blog series we discussed how collapsing the stack as a solution will help software vendors solving bottlenecks. In this third and final part of the series, we’ll discuss the benefits of collapsing the stack, and how to get ready for the future.

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Why the ISVs suffer and what to do about it

The software industry is truly brutal. Competition is fierce and technology is evolving faster every day. And every few years there is a need to completely rewrite your software and that is nothing less then a life threatening endeavor.

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jDays 2016

jDays is an annual tech conference in Gothenburg, Sweden within the area of Java, Web and Mobile, Trends and Future, Methods and Tools, etc. During the 2-day conference a range of well-known and highly competent speakers share their knowledge and experiences within their field of expertize.

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The Enterprise Problem is for real

Over 300 billion dollars are spent on enterprise software yearly.

Today Enterprises have two options:

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