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Here you can find a number of videos from our webinars and also how Starcounter works.

WEBINAR: Zero glue code development

What is glue code and how to develop without using any glue code at all.

WEBINAR: Master the full stack

Develop software with only a fraction of the code. Make small apps that share screen and data without any integration requirements. They run on the Starcounter in-memory application platform that can process 3 million transactions per second on a standard server.

WEBINAR: Make stateful apps easier than stateless

Stateful apps are by many considered to be hard to develop. Learn how to make stateful apps just as easy as if you would make stateless apps.

WEBINAR: Expressing your UI in JSON

Did you know that UI of a web app can be expressed using a simple, schemaless JSON? Since it supports only a few primitive data types, it is a great format for the boundary between the application logic and the view.

WEBINAR: No-fluff data with database classes

More or less real-world software product is always a mix of concepts like graphs, tuples, documents and relations, when it comes to data modeling. But what about making your conceptual data model persistent and transactional?

Should you choose several databases, like graph-based and relational, and project your high-level model to the storage models? Should you use patterns and multiple layers of abstraction?

EVENT: Starcounter at jDays 2016

Starcounter founder Joachim Wester giving a talk “Get your piece of a trillion dollar pie” at jDays 2016 in Gothenburg.


Real time system

Starcounter makes real real-time computing a reality. Here’s an example of how an ERP retailer is utilizing the system.

Next Generation Business System

Starcounter is the next generation data management platform that is designed to run entirely in-memory. With Starcounter, you can build the next generation of business system.



Download Starcounter and start building your own applications such as web applications, mobile services, games and advertising, etc. On our developer’s site you can find tutorials and ask your own questions to our support team.


You can also join the APP HUB to download applications built by others or share your own!


Or, apply for our PARTNER PROGRAM to get direct help from our developers and help with marketing.


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