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Our customers are using our new breed of in-memory technology to develop superfast software applications that are easy to combine and update. This allows them to expand both their own and their customers business with minimal costs and in a short timeframe.


“Mopedo provides a unique disruptive technology for programmatic marketing, allowing businesses a 1:1 communication with their customers.

We supply advertisers with their own DSP, coupled with our unique user-matching, enabling them to influence their customers in real-time.”

– Stefan Persson, CEO & Partner


“Mopedo replaces an external DSP with an internal one. Allowing for use of internal data in external programmatic marketing. It’s AI-driven, real-time, and made possible by the performance provided by the Starcounter platform. Programmatic marketing is being revolutionized.”

Programmatic marketing deserves a makeover, and Mopedo is doing just that. With an internal DSP (Demand Side Platform) from Mopedo instead of a traditional external one, the customers gain control and can make their programmatic marketing more relevant.

Up until now advertisers have been unable to use their most valuable asset – their own customer data – without giving it away to an external DSP. This is where Mopedo disrupts the field of programmatic marketing with their technology.

The Mopedo customer gets their own DSP connected in real-time securely behind its firewall. This gives them the ability to communicate directly and individually with their audience, increasing the relevance of programmatic marketing.

“The internet is filled with spam, because until now it’s been impossible to customize communications to the degree it should be. Our vision is to make all programmatic marketing content relevant”

With Starcounter’s in-memory platform, Mopedo has the performance required for their AI module. The AI module matches the consumers’ whereabouts on the internet with the customer’s consumer data. The module calculates the appropriate marketing action and ROI.

Thanks to the performance, all of this happening in milliseconds and the customers have all the data in real-time. Since Starcounter implements a collapsed stack architecture and modularization, Mopedo has an incredibly fast time-to market for their product. As ad-tech is a fast-changing market, Mopedo needs to be able to react quickly and adjust and change their product. Mopedo chose to partner up with Starcounter for the unique in-memory platform.


“Starcounter’s micro apps simplifies our own modularization, it is efficient and cost effective. We can have a super-fast system, where the applications integrate and communicate with each other, we can get real-time data, and we no longer have to compromise.”

– Jakob Åsell, Principal & Partner


As a consulting firm positioned between Management consulting and Product development, Modular Management helps any organization, that is dealing with vast assortment and/or fast changing products, to manage their product portfolio through modularization.

”Our mission is to use modular product architectures to help our customers achieve high productivity and superior products and services while increasing their market share – all at the same time.” – Alex von Yxkull, Founder

Modular Management has developed a software system called PALMA™. However, early on in the development of PALMA™ performance was a major issue. With a vast number of information types with interrelationships and a complete version history, the amount of data and the time to process quires was far from acceptable.

As there is an increasing need for real-time data and analytics and a complete version history for system integration, Modular Management started looking for an alternative technology in order to being able to scale for the future.

“Starcounter’s platform helped provide the performance we earlier just could dream about, it is also efficient to work with and cost effective. With Starcounter we no longer need to choose what data to include but can now have a complete set of information to build our application on. We can have a super-fast system, where the applications integrate and communicate with each other, we can get real-time data, and we no longer have to compromise on the data. We are very excited about the opportunities that will now be available for the analytics and system intergations, and how this will help our customers’ business.”
– Jakob Åsell

With Starcounter’s technology inside the PALMA™ software, Modular Management will be able to give their clients the possibility to connect Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relation Management (CRM), and Cost, Prize, Quote (CPQ) solutions, and integrate with each other thanks to a common Modular Product Architecture. This throughout the entire lifecycle. With Starcounter, Modular Management are able to provide their customers the best performance without compromising on the data.

PALMA™ is the trademark of Modular Management.

AdFenix CEO, André Hegge


“With Starcounter as the platform I can feel confident and make promises I know I can keep right of the bat during a customer meeting. I know that it will take me only a couple of hours to tweak the system to perfection for the customer. For me that is a key success factor.”

– André Hegge, Co-founder & CEO


André Hegge had a killer idea. One that would allow him and his company to dominate an entire field of business. He wanted to build an ad tool, for real estate agents, so fast and high-performing that the competition would stand no chance of keeping up.

So he did. Even though it should be impossible for a young entrepreneur to even imagine competing with the huge ad network services out there.

In 2014 it was decided that the AdFenix platform was to be built with Starcounter technology. At that point, the company was only two people. Normally, when it comes to development of large software platforms, this should mean that the first version of the platform was somewhere far away in the future, maybe a year or two. Not so in this case. Less than four months of development later, AdFenix launched their platform.

AdFenix has grown several times over in three short years.

They’ve gone from one developer to eight and they are active in seven countries (and more are coming). Monthly page visits have reached a staggering 500 million and there are 5 million user profiles in their system. Transactions per second easily number in the thousands. The number of real estate companies connected to the platform are close to 2000.

The success of AdFenix has been possible because of the drive and innovation of André, hard work and the careful choice of technology to build on. Flexibility is key for AdFenix.

“With Starcounter as the platform I can feel confident and make promises I know I can keep right of the bat during a customer meeting. I know that it will take me only a couple of hours to tweak the system to perfection for the customer” – André Hegge founder of AdFenix.

Being an experienced entrepreneur, André knows the importance of being extremely careful in the choice of platform.

“In past endeavors I have seen first hand what the choice of technology can do to you. It can jeopardize the whole operation. If you pick a platform without deeper thought and develop a prototype that takes off, you have a potentially fatal problem.” André concludes.


“Heads Retail easily manages volumes and complexity other systems don´t even come close to. We now have a complete system, built with Starcounter, covering all the needs of the modern retailer.”

– Björn Mattsson, CEO


Heads, a real time application provider, built its supply chain management application on the noSQL database Starcounter. With high performance from Starcounter, the supply chain management can keep all the point-of-sale for customers connected to headquarters, and combined with real-time warehouse balance, get an efficient flow of articles through stores.

When Heads was developing their supply chain management application, they wanted to provide a realtime environment in order to keep all business data centralised and updated at all-time throughout the entire product supply chain.

Heads required extreme performance from a database that could also handle the large number of transactions, and unbroken traceability for all items and centralised data handling from hund- reds of different data sources. A solution should also be cost efficient, and therefore hardware needs and licenses costs were therefore key decision points as well.

Starcounters in-memory application platform met all of Heads decision criteria. Heads supply chain management system’s powerful application is able to compete with existing highly recognizable ERP applications for the retail business because its unique features give the customer advantages which would normally require a much larger investment in other ERP systems to achieve.

By using Starcounter’s in-memory application platform, Heads can give its customers a unique combination of business advantages, including enabling high performance combined with acid transactions and an unbroken traceability of all items in real-time.

Starcounter’s in-memory application platform also enables a significantly lower TCO compared to other systems, due to a reduction of the infrastructure investment and maintenance by two-thirds and more accurate business data at all instances in the supply chain.



“Our platform takes organizations from Group Inefficiency to Collective Intelligence. With Starcounter technology we have made several well-known methods and tools agile and digital in one single platform. It allows us to concentrate on building next-generation business applications without glue code, complex architecture and expensive infrastructure.”
– Carl-Johan Runer, CEO


Colabers solves the problems inherent with technology when change outpaces what the individual or group is able to adapt to. Our objective is to enable organizations go from Collective Inefficiency to Collective Intelligence.

The company was founded in 2006 by Thomas Olsson and Anders Runer as a result of the experiences and insights they had accumulated during their many years as marketing consultants for some of Sweden’s most prolific and recognizable businesses and organizations.

“Colabers came about in actuality as a very concrete solution to a problem many of my clients were experiencing; they were spending a disproportionate amount of their budgets on pure administration and on reactionary measures in order to fix problems that occurred”, said Thomas Olsson.

When communication began to expand to other venues Thomas and Anders realized that Colabers was the perfect basis for a digital CoLab platform.

“Quite simply, this is about creating a modern way to work. The time of the ”static plan” is over. Instead, constant change created by a group composed of people from both inside and outside of the company who must cooperate and achieve common goals with a much higher efficiency rate is what is important right now”, said Anders Runer.

Colabers platform makes collaboration between interested parties incredibly easy. Everything is transparent. Differing methods, which through digital technology support different phases in the operation, are all integrated in the same platform. It is an eco system of apps which stimulates constant development and improvement.

– When we started this there were very few that understood the need for structure in a creative world. In the last few years reality has caught up with the increased demand for agility and collaboration.


”We wanted to build the best Ad tech system, therefore we needed real time processing of large volumes, we searched and found Starcounter”

– Henrik Lohk, COO, CSO


Adtoma makes the best Publisher Ad-Management and Revenue-Tech systems in the world. What drives Adtoma and their Publishers is what they call a “BSG” (Big Scary Goal) That is: ‘5x @ 1/2x’. Publishers can increase Revenues by five and bisect relative Cost of Operations.

To build the best real-time ad-tech system, Adtoma needed extreme performance and choose the Starcounter platform.

Adtoma wanted to provide several thousands of quality ads per second. The challenge included to be able, in real time, to investigate who the viewer was, what ads had been shown before, apply frequency capping for the underlying order, apply retargeting and decide what ad would bring the most cost-effective ad impression for the publisher.

The complexity of the calculations and huge volumes in combined alternatives, made Adtoma require extreme performance. The vision was to make it possible to run the whole workflow in one system; CRM, proposal & order and ad deliveries in one application.

Adtoma chose Starcounter after careful research and evaluation of several different databases. They both looked into traditional databases as to different NoSQL alternatives. The Starcounter application platform met all the decision criteria, including a native object interface and extreme performance making it possible to create a unique Ad serving application with all necessary components needed to run their customers ad business.

The Adtoma Fusion application is a powerful software solution that integrates and streamlines the entire media supply chain, simplifying the organization’s workflow; from proposal through orders and sales management to advertising operations, resulting in a dramatic increase in efficiency and reliability. For Adtoma’s customers this means they can run their Ad business to less cost.


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