It’s Time to Collapse the Stack, Pt. III

In the previous part of our Collapse the Stack blog series we discussed how collapsing the stack as a solution will help software vendors solving bottlenecks. In this third and final part of the series, we’ll discuss the benefits of collapsing the stack, and how to get ready for the future.

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Why the ISVs suffer and what to do about it

The software industry is truly brutal. Competition is fierce and technology is evolving faster every day. And every few years there is a need to completely rewrite your software and that is nothing less then a life threatening endeavor.

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The Enterprise Problem is for real

Over 300 billion dollars are spent on enterprise software yearly. Today Enterprises have two options:

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It’s Time to Collapse the Stack, Pt. II

In part one of our collapse the stack blog series we discussed the primary objectives of software vendors and the need for a software technology and architecture to meet demands and stay competitive. We also expanded on the trade-offs between system complexity and scalability. Now, let’s jump into how collapsing the stacks is a great solution for software vendors.

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It’s Time to Collapse the Stack, Pt. I

A few high-priority goals for many software vendors is to attract new users while adapting to the expectations of current users – all while preventing user outflow. These goals are all important to maintain the business’ status quo in activity and profitability, while remaining competitive in the industry.

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New patents! How shrinking helps us build new generation in-memory platform

When it comes to in-memory computing, shrinking means acceleration. Imagine an app that intensively reads and updates in-memory data. Can you make it run faster by doing more CPU work? The answer is positive and the solution is, indeed, captivating.

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New technology is here to enable the next generation of business applications

Technology comes before revolution. Always. And while not always obvious when first introduced, the importance of truly novel technology is not something reserved for tech geeks; in fact, it is and has always been vital for the evolution of the human race. 

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New funding enables us to take the next step

At Starcounter, we have a mission to transform the enterprise software industry with breakthrough technology and a new way of thinking around software.

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Web Components: The Hottest Topic at Web App Conferences

Recently, I’ve noticed that Web Components has become the subject of many speaking sessions at IT and developer events – most notably InfoShare 2014 and Front Trends 2014. What was once a trend discussed in just a few online forums is now becoming part of every technology event!

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Good Ideas Die Hard

The latest and greatest from Microsoft when it comes to web development is Microsoft MVC. Although the acronym is new to many young web developers, MVC was actually quite popular in object oriented UI development in the early eithies. Back then, the best implementation did not only have one Model, they had two.

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The Story of Professor DeWitt

Imagine if Toyota trying to forbid anyone to publish information on how fast it is from 0-100 km/h (0-62 mph) or how much petrol it consumes per mile. Consumer activists and governments would not have it. But hear this! Some database engine vendors actually do just that!

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The Hype Cycle

Software people are bound by trends and tradition. Although some of us wants to think of ourselves as forward thinking and open minded, we are no better than our peers.

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Writing CRUD Applications

Applications that Create, Read, Update and Delete are should be so simple, and yet, they create so much headache. Writing a local application for a single user is simple. Writing a scalable multiuser system is hard.

By | January 18th, 2012|Starcounter|Comments Off on Writing CRUD Applications

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