About Kristoffer Lundegren

Kristoffer brings more than 20 years of executive leadership to Starcounter, amongst other from international companies within IT and enterprise software, such as Merkantil-Data/Ementor, Atea, IBM and Affecto. Kristoffer has successfully built, from scratch, an IT-outsourcing organization that within three years became one of the largest in Scandinavia (later acquired by EDB). Kristoffer served as COO for Ementor Information Management during the Ementor acquisition of Atea, a Nordic IT company with over 11 billion SEK in revenue. Kristoffer has served as Country Manager within IBM Software Group, as well as Executive VP for Affecto, one of Northern Europe’s largest business analytics companies with more than 1.000 consultants. He has experience serving as board member and angel investor for several start-ups, such as Burt and OpenRatio.

The Open App Economy

The business application world of today is dominated by a few giants. If you want to take your application to market, you will most likely have to do it by building plugins for the giants and sell them through their app stores. But this leaves you exposed to the whims of huge closed platform corporations.

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The Ongoing Revolution in Technology

Through its history, AI has gone through different periods of development and social acceptance. For the last 5 decades, it has seen periods of research stagnation, as well as periods of loss of interest. Highlights in breakthrough was the amounting interest in expert systems during the 80s, the chess-winning supercomputer Deep Blue from IBM in 1997, and intelligent agents and knowledge-based systems from the last decade.

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The cost of building and running software

As an ISV there are several options when it comes to choice of platform. The developers need to be in favor of the choice or you will get into trouble for sure. But it has to make sense from an economic standpoint as well. From a high level perspective there are three things that drive

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Five Cost-Related Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Software Platform

The time has come. It’s time to make that big decision to choose a software platform that will help shape the future success of your software startup or small business. You can’t wait to get started but want to make the right decision, since you probably can’t afford the time or money to change platforms

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The Collective App Economy

When multiple small tools band together, they can upend the status quo. This is today’s new collective app economy. In order for an app to gain traction in the enterprise, it needs the help of a whole host of complementary apps.

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Why the ISVs suffer and what to do about it

The software industry is truly brutal. Competition is fierce and technology is evolving faster every day. And every few years there is a need to completely rewrite your software and that is nothing less then a life threatening endeavor.

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The Enterprise Problem is for real

Over 300 billion dollars are spent on enterprise software yearly. Today Enterprises have two options:

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Starcounter now a Gartner cool vendor

We’re a Gartner “Cool Vendor” in In-Memory Computing Technologies! We’re excited to announce we’ve recently been named by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in In-Memory Computing Technologies for 2015!

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New technology is here to enable the next generation of business applications

Technology comes before revolution. Always. And while not always obvious when first introduced, the importance of truly novel technology is not something reserved for tech geeks; in fact, it is and has always been vital for the evolution of the human race. 

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New funding enables us to take the next step

At Starcounter, we have a mission to transform the enterprise software industry with breakthrough technology and a new way of thinking around software.

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